Session Leading Materials

Welcome to all Provider Members!!

Watch this space every term for new Session Leading materials. These can include:

  • helpful notes,
  • updated training handouts,
  • continual professional development (CPD) minutes,
  • official Touch Trust adaptations for special groups,
  • theme and project ideas and plans
  • and many more!

As always Touch Trust materials are copyrighted and are to be used only by trained Session Leaders. Click on the corresponding link to download the document.

January 2015

  • This is Touch Trust's Creative Movement Programme adaptation for those on the Autistic Spectrum - Autism Adaptation

October 2014

  • The following paper written by Dilys Price details how zoology is linked with Touch Trust. It serves as a deeper understanding of the programme, and an interesting read! - Zoology and Touch Trust

 July 2014

  • As you may well know, many find the use of Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) very helpful. At Touch Trust we use them to help some guests anticipate each section of the programme. Here you can download them and print them out to laminate and place on the session room wall or as a booklet to help guide - Symbols

 April 2014

  • Sometimes it can be hard to 'keep fresh' when leading sessions. To help rejuvenate and inspire you this Essential Aspects sheet contains several ideas to focus on before the session. Pick one out and see if it changes the dynamic of the session... Have fun! - Essential Aspects

January 2014

  • This document is designed to be double sided print, cut out and laminated. Touch has given them out to professionals working with those on the Autistic Spectrum as handy pocket sized cards intended to aid in relaxation and touch sessions outside of Touch Trust. Parents have also found them to be useful. Each sheet can make 8 cards - Pocket Cards Autism

November 2013

  • The following inspirartional document is an excerpt Dilys Price had observed from the Teaching Awards - Behaviour Management

October 2013

  • Welcome back to the new term!  In true Touch Trust form we always begin with a big clap and praise for everyone so this following link is Touch Trust's hand out for praise - Praise

May 2013

  • Along with recording our sessions we also record any positive behaviours observed during the session specific to an individual. It works well to show the progress of the individual over a period of time which can be coupled as research to show how effective the programme has been! There is also a handy indicator to show how much the individual has enjoyed the session and how much they have relaxed - Positive Behaviours Arising Chart

April 2013

  • We had our biannual Members Event in March where we workshopped three questions with those that attended. The questions covered energy changes and how to ensure they are experienced, and also why the programme is formatted the way it is. These are the results and they make a very interesting read - Members Event March 2013 Question Results

March 2013

  • There is not always time to explain to a guest's partner how the session works and what to expect from them. We also find that new people come to Touch Trust quite alot and without instruction some guests may not get the full benefit. So then, we have created a generic Partners Guide for any centre or school! Please print and give to anyone new who needs a little extra help - Partner's Guide

February 2013

  • We are unable to supply you with music due to copyright and license issues but here is a document of music that our session leaders regularly use - Touch Trust Session Music