Post 19 Centre for Creative Development

The Post 19 Centre is our provision for young adults aged 19 to 25. It runs over three days a week with a regular Touch Trust session in the morning and a music, art of movement or art session in the afternoon. Students follow a programme focusing on creativity, wellbeing and social awareness . This is overlaid by themes. The events and outings in the final programme reflect the interests and abilities of the students and the chosen themes. Students can attend for one, two or three days a week and the syllabus will be adjusted so that all students can achieve accredited Agored Cymru Credits.

Post 19 Group (Touch Trust)


What is the post 19 centre, why is it different/how? Who is it for?

Working under the banner of Touch Trust, the Post 19 Centre for Creative Development strives to encourage school leavers to further their expressive, social, emotional, physical and artistic development. We use a structured morning session which provides a secure and predictable routine. This allows us to work in a less structured manner in the afternoon. Afternoon sessions are often arts based, incorporating elements of music, art, dance, poems and story-telling. Our thematic ideas are often explored over an extended period of time to reinforce development. Some ideas have previously included seasons, countries, animals, nature and much more.

The majority of our Guests (clients) are young people who have progressed through school and are hoping to move on to explore new opportunities; though we do not have any entry requirements. Though the abilities of our Guests are varied; many have profound and multiple learning disabilities; our ethos is that of complete inclusivity.

Why should people come? What are the benefits?

The group is very special; we are a unit of friends and colleagues who work together and achieve a great deal. As such, the socio-emotional benefits gained by our Guests are unlike any they could readily experience elsewhere with regards to enjoyment, personal expression and physiological function. We have had letters of recommendation from NHS therapy staff as well as local social services who all see the benefits of the service we provide. Furthermore, the nurturing environment that we provide focusses on a person-centred approach, celebrating each individual and their unique achievements. As such, we set goals on an individual bases that are assessed regularly throughout the year.

Days and times

Our Guests are welcome to attend one, a few or all of the available sessions we offer. The times are:

 Wednesday – Friday
10.30 - 11.30am
1.30 - 2.30pm

These run all year round with a short break over Christmas. Though these are the official hours, many of our attendees go for lunch or spend recreational time together in between which helps to strengthen interpersonal bonds within the group.

Projects and performances

In the past, we have composed joint musical works and devised poetry and dance, all of which culminated in a public performance. This isn’t a prequisite of our projects as it is the process that our guests find rewarding as opposed to the end result. We do like to include family members within our program and this is a perfect way of showing them the fantastic work we achieve on a regular basis.

The creation of our performances has been also facilitated by professional musicians, dancers and local artists, who often visit throughout the year. We endeavour to invite as many relevant visitors as possible into our session to maximise the experience of our Guests. In the past we had a visit from a pet therapist and we also experienced a “sound bath”, as well as going on trips to local activity centres and on walks.

Cost (funding)

The cost of being a member of the Post 19 is £60 a day, which includes both the morning and the afternoon session and helps to cover all of our artistic provisions and overheads.


If you require any more information surrounding the Post 19 Centre of Creative Development please contact Claudia on 02920 635662 or email

How The Touch Trust College of the Arts came about...

Children and young people with profound and multiple disabilities aged 0 to 19 are entitled to access education or health & social services funding. There has been a widespread development of special schools throughout the UK for those young people who have special needs.

Touch Trust commissioned a feasibility study for a Touch Trust College for post nineteen year olds. The study showed that although much good work is being done in special schools for children up to the age of nineteen, once they have passed the age of statutory education services, the provision ends and no suitable alternative for continued learning exists. The study shows that there are many examples of young people with profound disabilities progressively becoming more isolated and lacking any form of stimulation for lack of suitable facilities and services. The study showed that a limited number of pupils go on to Day Centres which are run by Social Services. Some Day Centres are attempting to address the ongoing education of these young people but the provision is patchy and dependent on geographical location.

Young people with profound and multiple disabilities are the most disadvantaged. They deserve to have access to lifelong learning, and opportunities for creative expression. Touch Trust's goal is to provide the highest qualilty of education in the arts, and to be a flagship for the world.