Ngoenga School

Ngoenga School 11/11/2014

It is just a year now since then  I spent three very successful weeks teaching the Touch Trust program at  Ngoenga, the  school for Tibetan children with special needs. 


It was founded by the Dali Lama  10 years ago in In Deradun ,North India.  There are thirty children of all agespare there who live in residential houses with house mothers and fathers, only going home in the long Easter vacation.

All the staff ,house parents and teachers are Tibetan  and it is clearly a work of love and vocation for every one there.

Touch Trust had been invited by the Principal, who having seen our web site, wrote that it would be a pleasure to have us there, as our philosophy linked with theirs.


It was a wonderful experience to be there, money was in short supply and specialist equipment was very basic, but staff just shone with dedication and love. It was an experience I will never forget.

In the time we were there we did research on children's happiness, sleep patterns and physical development.


Every single child was reported as being happier, while a third improved in their sleep patterns even in that short time.  During out time there every child had at least 3 TouchTrust sessions and the staff all had 2 training workshops.


My aim is to go out to train these teachers  and for the school to become Provide Members.  (The trip was personally financed, so that it cost the Touch Trust  nothing, but it was a gift I will always thank the Universe for and pray that further links can be made in the future).