Cardiff Council announce budget cuts

Cardiff Council announce budget cuts 09/02/2013

Very recently, Touch Trust received a letter from Cardiff Council detailing that 100% of our funding (amounting to £15,000, a very considerable amount) will be withdrawn following new budget cuts. Various organisations including other charities are also suffering, though some are only seeing cuts at 10% (or more). While we are not in the position to say that our charity is more deserving than another, we do believe that a complete withdrawal of funds is not only unacceptable and shocking, but thoroughly devastating. We rely on donations and grants such as these to keep our organisation going and provide a service to an excellent standard that our clients, carers and parents are used to. We offer unique therapy programmes for individuals afflicted by multiple and profound disabilities, increasing body awareness, happiness, relieving stress, which also offers many other benefits. Touch Trust is also the home of our Post-19 college where students affected by disabilities such as autism are welcomed into a learning environment not offered by other institutions. It would be a huge shame to lose this, as many of our guests are regular attendees and visit on a twice weekly, or even more regular basis. It's especially hard for us (and those that visit and use us) to understand why the council would undercut such a special refuge that many of our guests see as a second home. Please help us in reinforcing our point to the council that we desperately need this funding, and to help them understand how special our place is.

Please help by signing our petition with this link.