Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013! 10/01/2013

 We’re now 10 days in to 2013 and back into the work flow here at Touch Trust HQ. Hopefully things are going just as well for you, too. Here are a few highlights of the New Year for us so far!

Things are getting excitingly technical, with the delivery of our new iPad - which will undoubtedly be used in lots of creative ways during sessions.

Several donations have been received. We’re very appreciative of the thought and generosity individuals and groups are continuing to show us.

We are enjoying further developing our strong links withIndiaand looking forward to putting our plans in to action this year including incorporating more live music into sessions and new lighting….

 We’ll share our progress with you as the year goes on. Continuing Professional Development for staff is also going very well and this morning we summarized our accomplishments for 2012 in timeline format, which was very motivating and insightful.

 Enjoy working with your intentions for 2013.