On Tuesday 27th November 2012 we were delighted to welcome a group of employees from  Lloyds TSB in Cardiff and HBOS in Cardiff Gate.  A group of four people came to us via Employee Volunteering (http://www.employeevolunteering.co.uk/). The ladies and gents worked brilliantly together as a team and left us with a freshly painted session room, guest facilities and plenty of well-put together Touch Trust information packs. They also helped to add a splash of additional colour to our main session room by helping to drape fabrics at the wall– they really did earn their coffee breaks!!


The team were facilitated by John Beresford from Employee Volunteering and all seemed to enjoy the contributions they were enthusiastically making.


The day ended with each employee relaxing on our beanbags with the sound of relaxing music in the background and each were invited to make a beautiful sound with an instrument of their choice – having a similar opportunity to our guests (for a rounded experience)


Each person reflected peacefully on the day’s events and provided testimonials of their experiences. The full range of testimonials can be found in the Touch Trust comment book on the front desk in the office.


“I always thought “A Day to Make a Difference” was something to do to help the local community. What I didn’t expect was that it would also help me…. The smiles and expressions on the guests’ faces will be my lasting memory of this day”


“It’s been a great day to spend here at the Touch Trust. I’ve been so impressed by the place and the energy of the staff. The work done here seems to be so important to the guests. Why aren’t there more centres like this?”


“I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to visit such a beautiful and vibrant centre and to be able to help improve the facilities here”


“After helping decorate two of the rooms I feel that I truly used my time to make a difference to them. From the moment I entered we were warmly welcomed into what I can only call a beautiful environment”


“I was made to feel extremely welcome. I enjoyed helping making a difference … I really hope I get the chance to come back”


We thoroughly enjoyed having the volunteers in our space and would recommend the project to other organisations involved in something like this. Thanks for a wonderful day and for the outcomes you gave us. Its very possible that we'll be seeing these impactful people very soon.