A poem 20/11/2012


In this surprising place

among bright quilts, soft pillows

pools of pastel-coloured light

curious drums and bells

a different world unfolds.

Each guest is welcomed

within this calm cocoon

of music, fragrance, friendly voices

Where alchemy begins.


Faces relax as breathing deepens.

Palms tingle as clapping resounds.

Bodies find balance.

Minds and limbs are soothed by touch,

connections nurtured, choices made.

Positive energy grows...

builds up as we explore

mellifluous medleys, sensational sounds

while all around

new grace-note-smiles appear like stars.

Feathers and fabrics flutter and swirl

Hearts beat faster as rhythms arise

creative crescendo of movement and sound,

dynamic, spontaneous, free.


Sharing together we watch and praise

empowering, expanding each guest,

as one we converge in happiness

irresistible essence of life.


Energy curves down gently

for focused movement design

each guest an inventor, artist, dancer

painting the space in beauty.


Relaxing together in harmony

leaving our labels behind

we have transformed normality

we’re in this ‘cathedral of light’

with sacraments of joy and touch

where something lost, is found.



Liz Harris  2012