BoyceZone 26/04/2012

Donation from BoyceZone

 The wonderful BoyceZone are a tribute to Max Boyce (Yes, you can probably see where their thoughts were going when it came to naming). These guys, along with their guitars and their favourite hats and scarves play at rugby matches to raise money for charitable causes.

 They kindly chose to donate £1,012 to Touch Trust… amazing!  We are super thankful.

 The band entertained us with a few of their unique renditions one evening when they presented the cheque to our founder and Director Dilys Price (OBE). The Touch Trust space was alive with voice and laughter.

 We wish them all the best with their future ventures!

 If you’re curious, take a leisurely wander to the world of YouTube and you might be able to immerse yourself in the BoyceZone experience.

 Thanks again, BoyceZone!

 The Touch Trust Team