Karen in Scotland

Trust in Touch

"Welcome to Touch Trust each and every one, I hope you are ready to have some fun.


But before we start, open up your heart and let yourself go as you begin to flow.


Move; listen; create and vocalise, no need to disguise.


The space is yours to grab and hold, go on be bold!


Embrace the moment, enjoy and share, I applaud you as I obviously care.


So don’t be afraid to stroke or to hold, energize not criticise, is the story to be told.


Put your hands together, and feel the response, you are fabulous!


But don’t forget to breathe as you leave.”


Angela Fordham, Scotland, March 2016.


(Written after training week, as she was very touched.)


Latest News:

After a week’s intensive training in Glasgow I am proud to present our new session leaders who are part of Indepen-dance, The Anchor Centre and Intensive Support Services.  You were sterling ladies; you will do Touch Trust proud!

The training covered practice hours in the Anchor centre with beautiful guests who gave their time and energy to connect and have fun together. At end of the week they were transformed!

A few comments:

“Really uplifting, beneficial, believe every person, disability, able bodied, could do with some ‘Touch Trust’ in their life”

“Loved this week’s training, it was intense but got such a lot out of it and I am taking away some lovely memories and experiences”

“Learned loads new skills and knowledge through this group”

“Thank you so much. The value of this work is huge for guests, partners and facilitators”

Thank you ladies and see you in the summer!!